Purchasing or selling a residential property

A Pre-Signing Contract Review from $220 Inclusive GST

Professional fees for purchasing residential property from $749 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

Professional fees for selling a residential property from $849 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

Professional fees for preparing standard residential lease from $499 inclusive GST

For Business sale, purchase and leases please contact us for a quote.


Legal advice - purchase or sale of residential property

1 Hour face to face legal advice in regards to the purchase or sale of any residential property from $199 inclusive GST


Family Law Transfer

  • Transfer of Property To Your Spouse Or Partner.  from $560.00 Inclusive GST + Disbursements.

  • Transfer Ownership Of House or a unit to your children or family members. from $849 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

  • Deceased Estate (Deceased Persons) Transfer. from $849 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

  • Transfer because of separation and divorce from $849 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

  • In compliance with Court's orders or a prenuptial agreement. from $849 Inclusive GST + Disbursements


Caveat and property disputes

If you want to protect your interest in a property where your name is not on the title we suggest you act quickly.  Contact us for a legal advice.

Lodging of a caveat + free legal advice from 
$449 Inclusive GST + Disbursements

Signing a Contract