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We will not publish by any means or otherwise disseminates to the public or to a section of the public by any means, any account of any proceedings, or of any part of any proceedings, under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)  and we ask ALL our online platforms users and clients to refrain from doing so as it is an offence under the law.

We will not convey a false, misleading or deceptive impression of specialist expertise and we will not advertise or authorise advertising in a manner that uses the words "accredited specialist" or a derivative of those words (including post-nominals) unless we have a specialist accreditation by the relevant professional association.


Advertising personal injury or work injury services:
The Legal Profession Uniform Law 2014 does not include the prohibition on advertising personal injury legal services that had existed in the now repealed Legal Profession Regulation 2005.

The Workers Compensation Regulation 2016 does not include the prohibition on advertising work injury legal services that had existed in the now repealed Workers Compensation Regulation 2010.

Advertisment in general:
We check all advertisements, posts, comments or any material related to or connected with CLC to ensure it is accurate to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of posting, appropriate, not offensive and is not prohibited by law. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information published due to many intervening factors. Should any of our online users or clients have any concerns whatsoever or wishes to bring any advertising matters to our attention, then we ask that they write to us by email at so action can be taken to rectify any errors if any.

Information published is not legal-advice:
Any information or materials or comments or case summaries published by CLC online or otherwise are not legal advice and must not be relied upon by anyone. Should you wish to obtain legal advice tailored to your circumstances, then you must seek it in writing. Legal advice will only be provided in writing. The information on this website and on all our online platforms and its use relates only to the laws applicable in New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia unless otherwise specified. You should not take or refrain from taking action in reliance upon any matter or information contained on this website. You should obtain specific professional advice in relation to your own circumstances.

Notary public services

We are not a notary public. However, for all our clients who seek a notary public service from use, they will be referred to a notary service provider in Campbelltown NSW at no cost. (i.e no commission)

Commjuntiy legal centres

We are not in any way, form or shape a community legal centre where free legal services are provided. We are not affiliated in any way with any community legal centres or community justice centres in Australia. we are a private law practice that provides legal services at affordable prices.

Limited Liability

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